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Frequently Asked Questions by Tribal Members


How much is my Per Cap?

The amount varies per quarterly gaming revenue earned.

How much is my check?

The approved amount is 48% of the distributed gaming revenue to the tribe divided by number of eligible tribal members.


Did my direct deposit go through?

Contact your bank for that information.


How do I get child support taken from my spouses Per Cap?

Contact Tribal Court to garnish child support, only child support and debts owned to the nation can be garnished.


When will the checks be mailed out?

On the 15th of March, June, September and December.


What address is on file?

The Member Services has the official address for all tribal members. Contact Member Services for any changes or corrections. Member Services Page


When is the Gathering?

It is usually held in early August.


When is the Pow wow?

The Prairie Band Potawatomi Pow wow is usually held the second week of June. 


How do I get enrolled?

Contact Member Services. Member Services Page


Do you assist in relocation?



What is the number to the clinic?


Who helps with burial funds?

Contact Member Services. Member Services Page

I need an address change.

Contact the Per Capita webpage.