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The Potawatomi Tribal Fire Department is a 24-hour service that provides fire suppression, fire prevention and emergency medical care on the reservation and surrounding areas as requested. Staffing consists of approximately 18 firefighter/emergency medical technicians led by the Director of Emergency Services. The department is made up of a combination of Native and non-Native Americans.

The fire department began providing ambulance response and transport services in July of 2000 to all residents living within the reservation boundaries. Nation members or employees who live outside the reservation boundaries may request the fire department ambulance for non-emergency situations or for medically-necessary transports to a doctor's office or hospital. The service is provided free to Nation members and employees. The department also has an automatic mutual aid agreement with the Delia Fire District. The department will automatically respond to any alarms in the Delia area as their call load and staffing allows.

The department also provides several services to the community including public education, CPR and first aid training, fire safety inspections and blood pressure checks as resources allow. The department has also offered several Emergency Medical Technician courses to anyone interested in a career in emergency services. The department works closely with Highland Community College and is able to offer college credit to anyone participating in these courses.  

The department also provides, on a limited basis, firefighters that are trained and can respond to national wild fires and has provided personnel for national disasters when needed.

During its 29 years of service to the reservation and citizens of Jackson County the department has become known for its excellence of service in both fire and EMS. Over the past nine years the department has been recognized as one of the most advanced EMS services by the Kansas State Board of EMS and has received several Outstanding Service Awards. In 2008 the department hosted the Kansas State Fire Fighters Association Conference at the Prairie Band Casino & Resort Convention Center.  The Fire Station is located at 15482 K Road, Mayetta, KS 66509.  The phone number is 785.966.2164 and fax is 785.966.3040.


Fire Station

For additional information call (785) 966-2164 or fax (785) 966-3040.