Welcome to the home of Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation


A full array of dental procedures normally provided by a family dental practitioner is provided at the Prairie Band Potawatomi Dental Clinic. Preventative services including oral exams and cleanings twice each calendar year, fluoride treatments once each calendar year for those under 19 years of age, and bitewing x-rays once each calendar year are available. In addition full mouth x-rays, space maintainers for those under 14 years of age, sealants, non-restored 1st and 2nd permanent molars for children under 16 years of age, prophylaxis, fillings, root canal therapy, extractions and prosthetics - both fixed and removable are available.

For dental services, all PBPN members and Native American residents are eligible for direct care dental services (outside dental laboratory services are provided only if patient has insurance that covers outside dental laboratory costs or the patient pre-pays for outside dental laboratory costs).