Welcome to the home of Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation


The Prairie Band Potawatomi Health Center (PBPHC) offers a full-service pharmacy.

 The pharmacy utilizes the IHS formulary with a few exceptions and pharmaceuticals are acquired through IHS purchasing contracts. Currently the pharmacy carries 560 different types of medication. The pharmacy is one of the PBPHC's busiest departments and averages 260 prescriptions filled per day. 

The pharmacy utilizes a SP 200 Robotic Prescription Dispensing System and SP Central Workflow System from ScriptPro that has many safety features to ensure accurate medication dispensing. 

One of the most important pharmacy functions is to develop effective communication with patients regarding the safe and effective use of your medication(s). The pharmacy department has two counseling rooms that are designed to ensure your confidentiality as well as promote open discussion with you and your pharmacist, to reduce medication problems and to answer all your prescription questions.

New prescriptions can be filled after a clinic visit with one of the PBPHC practitioners. New prescriptions from another health care provider may also be eligible for filling at the PBPHC pharmacy. 

For prescription refills please call either the toll-free pharmacy refill number at 1.866.727.6330 or locally at 785.966.8260 and press 1 for the pharmacy. 

  • Provide your Full Name and Date of Birth 
  • The prescription number(s) 
  • A phone number where you can be reached

Your refills will normally be available for pick-up after a 24-hour period or one business day. In order for your prescription(s) to be filled on time, please do not call any other clinic phone number for your prescription refill request or medication questions.