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PBPN Land Buy-Back Program

Land Buy-Back Program Page Description

The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation (PBPN) entered into a Cooperative Agreement to participate in the Land Buy-Back Program (LBBP) for Tribal Nations.  This program was established by the Secretary of the Interior to implement provisions of the Cobell Settlement Agreement to consolidate fractional interests in trust lands across Indian Country.  These consolidated lands will then transfer directly to the PBPN in trust for the benefit of the Nation as a whole. 

Landowner participation in the LBBP is strictly VOLUNTARY. Not all landowners may receive offers on their fractionated interests (meaning more than one interest owner on a tract).  Individuals that do receive offers will be offered fair market value for their land interests, plus an additional $75 per offer packet to compensate sellers for their time and effort. These individuals can choose to sell all, some, or none of their fractionated interests. 

Call the Trust Beneficiary Call Center at 1-888-678-6836 with questions, to update your address, or to register as an interested seller.

Additional information is also available at the following resources: 

·       www.doi.gov/buybackprogram   

·       www.facebook.com/PBPNLandBuyBackProgram?fref=nf

·       PBPN Land Buy-Back Program Outreach Office: (785) 966-3928

·       Office of Special Trustee- Horton Agency (OST): (785) 486-2161

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