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Buffalo Lookout Tower

Lookout Tower

A Buffalo Lookout Tower is being constructed of several arched floor supports, that will support two levels. The first level will be 15-feet high and handicapped accessible and the second level will be 30-feet high.  The tower will be supported by eight 60-foot H piling beams spaced out in the shape of an octagon.  Plans also call for the top deck to be finished out with hand rails and a roof to be built for the tower. The Road and Bridge crews, along with world-class welder Meatball Wahwassuck, are planning this project to be patterned in a similar fashion to the stainless steel archway that showcases the PBPN logo at the main entrance to Prairie Peoples Park Pow Wow grounds.

work in progress The tower is located on 150 Road at the Old Ball Park.  It is near the asphalted Pedestrian & Bike Trail and will offer a good panoramic view of the tribal buffalo herd where they reside in a 420-acre area, when facing north and east on the reservation.