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Pedestrian & Bike Trail Phase II & III

Pedestrian & Bike TrailThe construction of a non-motorized Pedestrian / Bike Trail  began in 2006 and four pedestrian bridges in Prairie Peoples Park were completed in 2007 and inspected by the Southern Plains BIA in 2008. The trail begins at the 2nd Cluster at L4 Lane on 158 Road and runs east on the north side of 158 Road and turns south parallel on the west side of M Road.  The trail then turns east across M Road into the entrance of Prairie Peoples Park and then passes by the Veterans Memorial and ends at the Old Ball Park by M4 & 150 Road. In addition, there are two spurs to the trail; one that angles to the 1st Cluster located south of the entrance to Prairie Peoples Park on M Road, and a second spur that passes by the Hay Rocks which are mid-1800’s rock carvings with dates and interesting figures and designs and are located in the southeast section of Prairie Peoples Park(east of the Claybear Bridge).

One bridge located in the far southeast section of the park is an old bridge that came from Nebraska.  Two other old bridges were also relocated to the park and are the1912 Snow’s Bridge (U.S. Steel) and the Claybear’s Bridge (Carnegie) that is pre-1912.  The other pedestrian bridges in the park were constructed for the project.  Additionally, on  the trail east of the Veterans Memorial are three of the six Rock Check Dams that were built during the WPA days and one of them creates a 180-degree semi circle waterfall when the water flows.

The trail is funded through a Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) transportation matching enhancement 85/15 grant.  Of the funds a state receives from Federal Highway in Washington, D.C. the Federal Gas Tax, 10% of this amount must be used for purposes like the trail and other projects. There was no mechanism for the State to give the Tribe direct funding, so a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was created by the Southern Plains Region BIA Office and KDOT, and thus the BIA received the funding and oversees the PL-93-638 project. PBPN Road and Bridge (R&B) Department met with and received permission from Tribal Council to spend the profit made from the trail construction on a Buffalo Lookout Tower. The reason there is profit is because of public law (PL) 93-638 Self Determination. This law gave the Tribes the right to contract federal funds for projects on Indian lands which is similar to a general contractor getting a bid awarded to a company.

The engineering design for the trail was completed by Bartlett & West Engineers and the layout of the route was designed by the PBPN Road & Bridge Department.

The main objective of the trail is to provide a safe way for pedestrians to travel between the housing clusters and Prairie Peoples Park and keeping people off the 55-MPH 158 Road traffic.  This is a great accomplishment for the PBPN.  

The last leg of the trail begins west from the 2nd cluster housing development to the Boys & Girls Club and other buildings and housing units in the K-Road complex.  It is aligned with 158 Road west and then crosses tribal hay ground (PT-123) and angles south toward the K-Road complex.  It connects the Boys & Girls Club, the other housing clusters in that area and then links back to the already developed trail that leads to Prairie Peoples Park.

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