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Rural Safety Innovation Program

The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation (Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation), along with the Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration and Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) has improved rural road safety through a Rural Safety Improvement grant.  Through the grant, a message board located on U. S. 75 near  the 150 Road interchange informs drivers as to changing road conditions, accidents, and road construction warnings and Amber Alerts. Message boards are controlled by KDOT and the Highway Patrol through wireless networks.

The Nation also requested that a camera be installed at the 150 Road/U.S. 75 interchange that could be monitored by the PBPN and KDOT through the Internet to see live-time conditions. In addition, remote temperature sensors were also suggested by the PBPN to be embedded on the 150 Interchange bridge and its approach to also see what can be done about the heavy traffic congestion at the U.S. 75 highway intersections of 158 Road and 162 Road. Portable message signs will also be options for temporary road construction conditions and events.